MagicaVoxel Resources

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I’ve recently re-created my old resources page for MagicaVoxel (formerly available on The new link is: Note: you are more than welcome to suggest new links, simply by commenting below.


Using Fungus and 3D in Unity

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Lately, I’ve been teaching Unity3D at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti and I’ve decided to use Fungus as a visual scripting tool: the course (Applicazioni Digitali per le Arti Visive II) is mostly focused on Game Design, so Fungus is the perfect choice for creating interactive scenes without having any programming background. Part of the course is focused on 3D …

Scratch Pong

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I’ve been recently checking Scratch and Blockly for a high school course here in Italy. Today I had some spare time and I decided to experiment with the classical Pong game. You can see the result below. The “code” can be explored here:


Superpowers now available in italian

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I’m more than happy to announce that my pull requests about the Superpowers localization have been accepted and merged. This means that from release 1.1.0 you’ll be able to use the software in italian. I’ll keep on supporting the translation (there’s already some add ons to work on), but I’ll be more than happy to accept hint and help through …


Introduction to Tilemancer

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Tilemancer is a procedural tile generator created by @ledgamedev, and mainly pixel art oriented. Tiles are created through a node based system (starting from a heightmap) and modified bitmap step by step, colorizing everything at the end of the process. Pic. 1 – Tilemancer Tilemancer can be extended by creating new nodes through the Lua language, as you can easily …

Asset Review: QHierarchy

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QHierarchy is an extension for the Unity Editor that lets you power up the Hierarchy panel. Pic. 1 – The QHierarchy panel The first thing you will notice after installing it, is a list of icons on the left and the right of every game object. The Hierarchy panel is now subdivided into two columns: the object icon with the …

Asset Review: Ruler 2D

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I have recently been working on a demo prototype in Unity3D that had to show the state of rooms in a building floorplan. Basically, each room had to show a list of booked/free desks. Time was short and I had to place many boxes (i.e.: desks) while developing the application. I usually like to experiment some new plugins while working …

Unity UI Extensions

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I have just found this pretty amazing project: Unity UI Extensions. This is an extension project for the Unity UI system which can be found at: Unity UI Source. The list of component is pretty long, including Accordion, ReorderableList, RadialLayout, Effects, and so on. Here’s some useful link about the project: Project page (on bitbucket): YouTube channel: Unity …

Lesson Learnt: Extend The Unity Editor (…always)

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Having recently finished my year-and-a-half journey as a game developer for the upcoming A Little Space game (by DarkwaveGames and 505 Games), I’ve had some time to look back and check what went wrong (I always try to learn from my own mistakes): as a freelancer, this usually means: where did I loose time (and maybe money)? Danger Ahead… Well, …