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Course Material for "Corso Introduzione allo Sviluppo di Progetti Videoludici"

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I recently taught a game programming course at Fastweb Digital Academy with DigitalBros Game Academy. The course, a basic one, was mainly focused on Lua and LÖVE. The educational material is now available on Github with some examples (commented in italian, but the code is quite clear) and a wiki (only in italian) and can be found here: Examples: …


Localizing Superpowers in Italian

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I’ve been recently involved in drafting a game development course for italian boys and girls (aged 15). Unfortunately I had underestimate a major issue: it’s really difficult to find some good italian-translated gaming software (well… there’s some notable exception). Luckily, my choice is usually to find open sourced solutions and I found out many of them support localization. At the …

How You Should Not Contact a Freelancer (SkillSearch You’re Doing it Wrong)

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As a freelance developer I usually get all kind of contacts: sometimes pretty interesting, sometimes really weird (”I have an AWESOME idea, you develop it and then you get 20% from the download revenues!”). I usually answer everybody as I think that being polite is really important in my everyday life (that’s what my parents taught me). Unfortunately, lately I …

Asset Review: EasyEditor

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Some time ago, I wrote about how it is important to extend the Unity Editor during the development process. Unfortunately, most of the times you will be writing the extension in a hurry (well… that always happens to me) and your custom Editor window (and the corresponding code!) will just become a mess of confusing data… Lucky you (and me!) …

Lesson Learnt: Extend The Unity Editor (…always)

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Having recently finished my year-and-a-half journey as a game developer for the upcoming A Little Space game (by DarkwaveGames and 505 Games), I’ve had some time to look back and check what went wrong (I always try to learn from my own mistakes): as a freelancer, this usually means: where did I loose time (and maybe money)? Danger Ahead… Well, …