Shameless Plug ;)

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Lorenzo, my wife 16 years old cousin, recently has started making videogames with Scratch and, I must admit, is starting to show some promise! He has also created a YouTube channel so I decided to post some of his work here… hoping that sooner or later he will start working with Untiy3D. Le video linked here shows a game he …


Pong for Snap!

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Lately I’ve been asked to teach at an introductory course about game development: in these cases I start with some visual tools to explain the main logics behind programming. Usually the (obvious) choice is Scratch but, this time, the students age range will be about 20/35 and the tool is not what I need. Luckily there is a side project …

Wasty & Furious (Print&Play)

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Some time ago I created a card game and, as an experiment, I decided to automate the graphics process with Unity3D. The project was generated with a mix of Editor Scripting, assets from Synty Studios, uFrame and xArm. You can download the game (print&play) with an expansion set here: Wasty & Furious Wasty & (more) Furious Pic. 1 – Vehicle …

NABA Milano

Unity Workshop @ NABA

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On the 25th and 26th of july I will be helding a Unity3D workshop at Nuova Accademia Belle Arti (Milano) titled Concerto per Intelligenze Artificiali. During the course, I will teach students how to create a baroque-scifi application focused on generative music.

How You Should Not Contact a Freelancer (SkillSearch You’re Doing it Wrong)

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As a freelance developer I usually get all kind of contacts: sometimes pretty interesting, sometimes really weird (”I have an AWESOME idea, you develop it and then you get 20% from the download revenues!”). I usually answer everybody as I think that being polite is really important in my everyday life (that’s what my parents taught me). Unfortunately, lately I …