Tip: ExtendedActivateTrigger

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Below you can find a simple add-on to the Unity ActivateTrigger in the Standard Assets, made for my students at NABA (who know almost nothing about scripting). The main reason I wrote it was to let them enable od disable a Fungus Flowchart during the OnCollisionEnter and OnCollisionExit callbacks. It is also possible to filter the entering (or exiting) gameobject …

Finding a Script in a Unity3D Scene

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A not well-known feature of the search field in the Hierarchy panel of Unity3D let you search all GameObjects including a script. Searching for it is really easy: just insert the full name of the script as shown in the picture below. Pic. 1 – A scene showing all GameObjects including the ActivateTrigger script Note: the search keyword must be …


Using Fungus and 3D in Unity

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Lately, I’ve been teaching Unity3D at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti and I’ve decided to use Fungus as a visual scripting tool: the course (Applicazioni Digitali per le Arti Visive II) is mostly focused on Game Design, so Fungus is the perfect choice for creating interactive scenes without having any programming background. Part of the course is focused on 3D …