NABA Milano

Unity Workshop @ NABA

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On the 25th and 26th of july I will be helding a Unity3D workshop at Nuova Accademia Belle Arti (Milano) titled Concerto per Intelligenze Artificiali. During the course, I will teach students how to create a baroque-scifi application focused on generative music.


Localizing Superpowers in Italian

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I’ve been recently involved in drafting a game development course for italian boys and girls (aged 15). Unfortunately I had underestimate a major issue: it’s really difficult to find some good italian-translated gaming software (well… there’s some notable exception). Luckily, my choice is usually to find open sourced solutions and I found out many of them support localization. At the …


Tilemancer Nodes

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In this post I will list all default Tilemancer nodes. For a software review, please head on my past article about it. Nota: this post is reviewing version 0.2.0 of the software   Some input elements have a hybrid behavior and can also be used as parameters: these will be marked as ‘Input Parameter’.   Each node has a single output, unless …


Introduction to Tilemancer

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Tilemancer is a procedural tile generator created by @ledgamedev, and mainly pixel art oriented. Tiles are created through a node based system (starting from a heightmap) and modified bitmap step by step, colorizing everything at the end of the process. Pic. 1 – Tilemancer Tilemancer can be extended by creating new nodes through the Lua language, as you can easily …