Fastweb Digital Academy

Course Material for "Corso Introduzione allo Sviluppo di Progetti Videoludici"

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I recently taught a game programming course at Fastweb Digital Academy with DigitalBros Game Academy. The course, a basic one, was mainly focused on Lua and LÖVE. The educational material is now available on Github with some examples (commented in italian, but the code is quite clear) and a wiki (only in italian) and can be found here: Examples: …


Pong for Snap!

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Lately I’ve been asked to teach at an introductory course about game development: in these cases I start with some visual tools to explain the main logics behind programming. Usually the (obvious) choice is Scratch but, this time, the students age range will be about 20/35 and the tool is not what I need. Luckily there is a side project …

Scratch Pong

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I’ve been recently checking Scratch and Blockly for a high school course here in Italy. Today I had some spare time and I decided to experiment with the classical Pong game. You can see the result below. The “code” can be explored here:

NABA Milano

Unity Workshop: Concerto per Intelligenze Artificiali

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On july 25/26 I’ve held a Unity3D workshop at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milano titled Concerto per Intelligenze Artificiali.   Slides and workshop files can be found here: One of the requests by NABA was to totally avoid scripting as students had not this type of background. I immediately considered Fungus: even if this tool is not specialized …

NABA Milano

Unity Workshop @ NABA

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On the 25th and 26th of july I will be helding a Unity3D workshop at Nuova Accademia Belle Arti (Milano) titled Concerto per Intelligenze Artificiali. During the course, I will teach students how to create a baroque-scifi application focused on generative music.