Shameless Plug ;)

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Lorenzo, my wife 16 years old cousin, recently has started making videogames with Scratch and, I must admit, is starting to show some promise! He has also created a YouTube channel so I decided to post some of his work here… hoping that sooner or later he will start working with Untiy3D. Le video linked here shows a game he …

Fastweb Digital Academy

Course Material for "Corso Introduzione allo Sviluppo di Progetti Videoludici"

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I recently taught a game programming course at Fastweb Digital Academy with DigitalBros Game Academy. The course, a basic one, was mainly focused on Lua and LÖVE. The educational material is now available on Github with some examples (commented in italian, but the code is quite clear) and a wiki (only in italian) and can be found here: Examples: …


Pong for Snap!

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Lately I’ve been asked to teach at an introductory course about game development: in these cases I start with some visual tools to explain the main logics behind programming. Usually the (obvious) choice is Scratch but, this time, the students age range will be about 20/35 and the tool is not what I need. Luckily there is a side project …


Superpowers now available in italian

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I’m more than happy to announce that my pull requests about the Superpowers localization have been accepted and merged. This means that from release 1.1.0 you’ll be able to use the software in italian. I’ll keep on supporting the translation (there’s already some add ons to work on), but I’ll be more than happy to accept hint and help through …


Localizing Superpowers in Italian

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I’ve been recently involved in drafting a game development course for italian boys and girls (aged 15). Unfortunately I had underestimate a major issue: it’s really difficult to find some good italian-translated gaming software (well… there’s some notable exception). Luckily, my choice is usually to find open sourced solutions and I found out many of them support localization. At the …

Lesson Learnt: Extend The Unity Editor (…always)

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Having recently finished my year-and-a-half journey as a game developer for the upcoming A Little Space game (by DarkwaveGames and 505 Games), I’ve had some time to look back and check what went wrong (I always try to learn from my own mistakes): as a freelancer, this usually means: where did I loose time (and maybe money)? Danger Ahead… Well, …