MagicaVoxel Resources

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I’ve recently re-created my old resources page for MagicaVoxel (formerly available on The new link is: Note: you are more than welcome to suggest new links, simply by commenting below.

Shameless Plug ;)

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Lorenzo, my wife 16 years old cousin, recently has started making videogames with Scratch and, I must admit, is starting to show some promise! He has also created a YouTube channel so I decided to post some of his work here… hoping that sooner or later he will start working with Untiy3D. Le video linked here shows a game he …

Tip: ExtendedActivateTrigger

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Below you can find a simple add-on to the Unity ActivateTrigger in the Standard Assets, made for my students at NABA (who know almost nothing about scripting). The main reason I wrote it was to let them enable od disable a Fungus Flowchart during the OnCollisionEnter and OnCollisionExit callbacks. It is also possible to filter the entering (or exiting) gameobject …

Fastweb Digital Academy

Course Material for "Corso Introduzione allo Sviluppo di Progetti Videoludici"

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I recently taught a game programming course at Fastweb Digital Academy with DigitalBros Game Academy. The course, a basic one, was mainly focused on Lua and LÖVE. The educational material is now available on Github with some examples (commented in italian, but the code is quite clear) and a wiki (only in italian) and can be found here: Examples: …

Finding a Script in a Unity3D Scene

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A not well-known feature of the search field in the Hierarchy panel of Unity3D let you search all GameObjects including a script. Searching for it is really easy: just insert the full name of the script as shown in the picture below. Pic. 1 – A scene showing all GameObjects including the ActivateTrigger script Note: the search keyword must be …